Jon Jeffery Daniels

To my brother Jeff.
You are missed, all these years later.....
you are thought of often by all of us you left behind...
Your life and your death,  
One of our greatest joys was to know you
and one of life's greatest sorrows was to lose you so early.

Please ....We can make a difference.

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Jon Jeffery Daniels 1954/1972 My little brother, killed because of an alcohol related accident.

Mom wrote this for you, Jeff

In Loving Memory of our dear son,
Jeff Daniels, and Terry Collins
who lost their lives in an auto accident
September 17, 1972.

Together in school spreading laughter along the way,
Full of ambition mixed with a little horseplay.
Life was lived as if no tomorrow,
Having no cares, knowing no sorrow.
Working together in a field full of hay,
Then off for a swim at the end of the day.
Their group had such good times, shared by all,
If you knew these two boys perhaps you'll recall.
The jokes they pulled were all in fun,
And the games they played-didn't matter who won.
God knew they were buddies right to the end,
Couldn't bear to leave one and take away his friend.
He beckoned one home by the stroke of a chime,
Then the other one followed in an hour and a half"s time.
They didn't suffer, the Lord was kind,
The ones who are suffering are the ones left behind.

Frances Daniels, 1973

Please remember, the choices you make effect others...Don't Drink and Drive!!

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