This resolution has been written in the hopes of developing a common vision, strategies and action plans to achieve our objectives for Grace Center. Saved By Grace Ministry, Inc. is the parent corporation of Grace Center. Grace Center will not be incorporated but will be a part of the Saved By Grace Ministry, Inc. The word incorporated means “to join together; to blend into another mass; to unite in companionship in another government; to be partners in interest, a covenant.” Saved By Grace Ministry, Inc. and Grace Center are mutually exclusive entities, each with distinct sovereign authority heads. Saved By Grace Ministry, Inc. will be governed by a Board of Directors. Grace Center is a building that has many facets of ministry needing to be considered and given a voice.

The Christmas Dinner is over and it was a great time for all that was involved. We served over 200 meals this year. We all had a great time celebrating Jesus' Birthday.

Our New Years' Eve Songfest was great. We want to thank all who helped with this endeavor. We served 97 meals that evening. God is Good. Without our wonderful volunteers helping us with every aspect of this mission, it would not be possible.

We propose to have monthly Songfests with a free will offering taken to help defray the cost of the utilities for the event. These are planned for the last Saturday of each month starting in January, 2010. There will be 3-4 special singing events each year where we will be bringing in one group per event that will be given the free-will offering for their expenses. The Saved By Grace Ministry Board will be setting up these events as to which groups and when they will take place.

We will open our doors to the area Senior Citizens that want to utilize Grace Center for fellowship activities. They may make a donation to help with Grace Center costs’ at their discretion. We will be having Christmas Dinner at Grace Center. The meal will be free to Senior Citizens with everyone else giving a donation for their meal. The funds used to supply this meal will come out of Saved By Grace Ministry. Future Grace Center ministry events will be taken out of Grace Center’s account when the funds become available.

The Grace Center Food Pantry schedule is the second Wednesday of each month starting at 4:30 p.m.
Senior Citizens are our first consideration with working parents coming second.

Further uses of Grace Center will be Revivals, Family Reunions, Receptions, Showers, Weddings, Benefits, Funerals, Spiritual Retreats, etc……. They may make a donation to help with Grace Center costs’ at their discretion.

Thanks be to God, we now have all the paperwork and numbers needed to get signed up for our Food Bank program and our federal numbers. We are now a 501 C3 NFP organization. Any person, group, or business considering a monthly tax-free donation...please contact us. 217-248-8515 or