"Saved By Grace"
Southern Gospel Music



Ken Wise, Manager, Emcee, Vocals, Dobro, Stand Up Bass.

Ken has a powerful testimony from his former life of addiction.
He gives all the glory and praise to God for bringing him out of that life
and into a life of service to the Lord.
Kenís easy going manner attracts people from all walks of life
and his straight forward testimony lets everyone know that
he was definitely saved by grace as stated in his favorite scripture
and the inspiration for the name of the group, Ephesians 2:8.
To read more about Ken and his road to the Lord, click here. And finding his siblings.

Carla Wise, Vocals, Guitar.

Carla is Kenís wife and has been singing since she was 19.
She grew up in Kane, IL and went to Kane Baptist Church
where she was saved and baptized at the age of 12.
She has an older sister and lost her brother when he was 17 yrs. old.
He was killed by a drunk driver.
Her compassion and tenderness is evident in her singing.
Carlaís ministry is compelling and her heartfelt songs
can quickly bring onlookers to tears of joy in the Lord.


Ken works with people who are recovering from addictions.
A Songfest that consists of many other groups can also be arranged locally.
Free will offerings are accepted, though not necessary.
If you would like to help this ministry, call 217-248-8515.

Saved By Grace, Southern Gospel Singing Group, began after Ken Wise accepted Jesus
as his Savior and wanted to find a way to share, with others,
the overwhelming love he had for the Lord.
His loving wife Carla was delighted and ready to serve
in any way and soon the two were singing in their local church,
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Alsey, Illinois.
Ken felt moved to sing and bring his testimony to others
and talked to church members about singing in other churches.
He was quickly told that his idea was not a good one
and he should not consider going into other denominations.
Ken prayed about it further and decided
that while he respected the opinions of fellow church members,
he needed to go out as the Bible says and so he did.
The Lord blessed the group with a bus
to haul their equipment in the fall of 2006 and a few months later
the group traveled to Indiana at the invitation of a church there.
Ken has said from the beginning that he will go wherever God leads
him to go and he makes every effort to do just that.
Whether itís the poorest church or the richest community event,
it only matters that the glory goes to God
and the Word is brought through song and testimony
to anyone willing to listen and hear.